World Cup

Hello, people!

I want to apologize to you. I still haven’t got the time to write “What’s up, Brazil?” (the first post is almost ready, at least). Why? Because of the World Cup!

Before it began, I thought that I’d just watch one or two matches. Turns out I’ve only missed three matches so far and that happened against my will. I personally think this is the funniest World Cup there ever was! And it proved that, regarding football (or soccer, if you like), one can never guess what exactly will happen (go Costa Rica!).

In addition to that, we Brazilians did not expect so many other Latin Americans to come here and transform the country into a huge party. And so many Europeans, Asians, Africans and North Americans as well… So cool! It means that, in spite of all the problems, we are having a nice time and that’s what counts most!

Today, Brazil plays Cameroon. My guess? Brazil 2-1 Cameroon.

See you next time!



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