You are so beautiful

“I love you so much”, “You are so beautiful”. I never expected to hear these words.

But I did.

I heard them. And, as the words came out of her mouth, they were transformed into honey. Or flowers. Or sea’s sound. Or anything beautiful, peaceful.

How life changes when we feel accepted, loved and celebrated for who we are! It can cure sadness and give us strength to continue our journey in this crazy little world.

Let’s analyze!

In this case, “You are so beautiful” means “I think you look good the way you do, I love you and I will be here for you if you need me. Keep on being brave. Keep on being who you are.”

There is one person who supports the other fully and wants them to be happy no matter what. And this person, for sure, is making a difference in the other’s life. Pretty much it.

Isn’t it incredible that such short sentences can mean so much? As I said earlier, language is art and elegance is blessing. Well, now I’ve learned that love and support are also blessing. And I couldn’t be happier for them.

Want to know what was my response to that? A smile. A huge smile. And an immense feeling of gratitude.

Love is so simple!

I leave you with U2’s Ordinary Love. See you soon.


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