Ten Years From Now

I wake up.

I don’t need to take a look at the clock on the table right next to my head: I know it is 6 AM. I stand up slowly – I don’t want to wake my wife up –, go to the bathroom, put on my work out clothing and leave the apartment.

It is cold outside, a little too much for this part of Brazil, but I know it is winter indeed and with this climate change, weather has gotten a bit crazier.

I hit the streets and, less than five minutes later, I start running. Getting my body in movement is something I find amazing. It is not about staying in shape – it is about freedom, about overcoming my own limits.

I return home an hour later, all covered in sweat, and go take a good shower. After that, I greet both my wife and my daughter and we have breakfast together. Then, I set up my things, hit the streets, take the subway and go to work, another place where I overcome my limits everyday.

Doing a good job, seeing my projects become real and impacting positively people’s lives feel so great that I lose my perception of time. After a bunch of meetings and finishing an important project, it is time to go home again. No need to look at any clock – it is 6 PM.

So I take the subway, return home. My daughter comes running and hugs me. She tells me everything she learned at school that day with such an excitement that I forget about other things. I stop and listen carefully and thank life for giving me that moment.

I greet my wife again, I take another shower. The executive goes away for a while – it is family time! So I go to the kitchen, cook some delicious dinner and we eat. Right after that, I help my kid with her homework, we all chat for some more time until it is time for her to go to sleep.

Then, my wife and I have some quality time together and I thank life again. I think about how much I love her, the amazing family we have and whether or not I am dreaming. ‘Cause if that’s the case, I don’t want to wake up.

Post inspired by the Daily Post’s To Do? Done!

List (things I want to change in my life):

  • Start running;
  • Overcome my limits (especially shyness);
  • Graduate at the University and get a nice job;
  • Get married;
  • Have a daughter.

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