Sound Waves

As I walk, your soundwaves invade my ears. Slowly, peacefully, carefully.

I have to say that, the first time I saw you, I got scared, because you are so open, so free, so wild, that I could not figure you out. We did spend years apart since that moment and I could only see you in pictures.

I kind of forgot about you for some time.

But now, we are back together. I get to see you everyday and it’s wonderful! And you are so generous: you don’t ask me anything. You don’t care who I am, where I am from, what my fears and scars are. You’re just there, wide open, waiting for my eyes to admire you. Waiting for my ears to fall for you. For your soundwaves.

So, I start walking near you and you begin to teach me. You say that freedom is something I deserve, you say that it does not matter that many people don’t accept me, you say that I can be whoever I want to be and I can do whatever I want to do. You say you’ll always be there for me. For everyone, actually.

I see the sun’s rays touch you. You don’t seem to care, really. You know you’re beautiful at heart. I do, too.

I am starting to sweat, you say “Go on!”. I am tired, you say “don’t give up!”. I slow my speed so I can watch you, you say “keep going, don’t stop”.

My shape changes. My health changes. My mind changes. I am finally experiencing a little bit of who I really am, or who I want to be, and it brings me so much joy! And you are an important part of that, you know? Oh, I don’t need to say it, you know it very well.

So, Ocean, thank you for being one of my best friends. Thank you, and you amazing water, and all life you have inside of you.


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