I’ve got no idea of what to do with this letter.

I was walking down the street, heading back to my place, when I saw this paper on the floor. As I am a very curious person, I looked down and read.


I still love you. I am so sorry I left, I was so mad. You have to understand… You understand, don’t you? Can I return home? I miss you so much!


Who’s J? Who’s Lena? Did she throw the letter away? Did J lose the letter? Why did he or she leave? I suddenly remember I am in a very crowded place, I must be looking kinda crazy. What should I do?

I look around. No one seems to care. In such a big city, problems like J’s seem small, almost insignificant, though it might be hurting him/her and Lena. The city never stops. But should I… interfere?

I decide to leave this task to destiny and move on.


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