National Loss

Writing 101 asks us to talk about loss. I decided to talk about a national loss.

“Mom, can you make a chocolate cake? We have to celebrate this game!”, I asked.

Of course I wasn’t sure Brazil was going to win that (soccer) match, but if there’s something 99% of all Brazilians have is hope. We hope a better future will come, when our economic troubles will be gone, when we will be appreciated and admired world wide, when our social issues will be gone. And we always hope we will win soccer matches.

Though some disagree and I respect that, soccer is an important part of our culture. Anywhere you go, from the cosmopolitan streets of Sao Paulo, to the small cities of Mato Grosso, to Rio Grande do Norte sand waves, you will find lots and lots of soccer fields. Whether they are huge like Maracana, or as small as you may imagine, they’re everywhere.

Soccer translates our passion.

During the World Cup, we surely had fun. We (or most of us) love watching soccer, even if it’s not Brazil who’s playing. But, when it is, and it’s the world cup, the whole nation stops. For 90 minutes, we feel like we’re all one heart beating together. So, you can imagine how it felt for us to be beaten by Germany from 7-1.

It hurt. It hurt deeply.

We knew we could lose. But never, in a million years, could I have guessed it’d be 7-1.

We just couldn’t believe our eyes. I felt like, out of nowhere, someone would appear on TV and say “Hey, guys, it’s just a joke. The real game starts in an hour.” But no, it was real.

It was one of those sad days in which you see Brazilians give up. Because when we give up, it’s serious.

I didn’t even finish my cake, you know.

I don’t blame the Germans. They played fair, they deserved to win.

But deep inside, I wanted to see Brazil win. I wanted to see my people happy, smiling. All of us, together. And, to honour my nationality, I say: I hope this day will come. It will come. It may not be from soccer, or whatever sport. I’ll see the day we all feel like the true winners we are.


4 thoughts on “National Loss”

  1. I am so sorry that your country lost this game. Just because you lost a game in soccer, doesn’t mean that you all are losers. YOU ARE WINNERS! Your writing drew me in immediately and invested me emotionally. I felt your excitement build up and I felt your disappointment. That is the markings for good writing!

      1. Excellent! Remember that VERY FEW of us (not me!) write a perfect story the first time. Most of us have to revise and revise and revise. So, for your first draft you did an amazing job!

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