The Study Room

Hello, everyone!

Writing 101 asks us to describe a public place without using adverbs. I tried (couldn’t stop using adverbs, but used the fewer I could). Here’s what I came up with:

I’ve been sitting here for  an hour. It’s a study room at the university, maybe one of those places that end up not accomplishing its duty: people here can not stop talking!

How can anyone study with this noise?

All I know is that I can’t. It disturbs my head.

I look around. The twelve tables across the room have a kind of modern design, they’re white, rectangular, surronded by six chairs each. There’s a large window right in front of me, but it is closed, because of (some) brazilians’ obsession with air conditioner. The other sides of the room show white painted walls, as most of our classrooms and libraries.

In particular, there’s a group of guys sitting around the table next to me. The all look the same: medium sized white guys, dark-haired, brown eyes, wearing T-shirts, shorts and sneakers. Why am I describing them? They stand out from the others because they are shouting  speaking and keeping me from doing what I need to do: study!

I am starting to feel angry. Let it go, Maria, let it go.

The room’s emptying, I notice and thank every sacred thing there is in our universe. I open up my notebook for the 100st time and try to read something. Anything. I start “Self Inductance calculations […]” but those guys interrupt me – again.

That’s it, I’m leaving.


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