My mom’s chocolate cakes

Writing 101 asks us to talk about our favorite childhood meal.

I kind of already talked about my mother’s chocolate cakes. The aren’t actually my favorite childhood meal, they’re my favorite young-adult-who-left-home-to-attend-university meal.

After I left home, I think my bond with my family got stronger. Do you know when you have something, but you kind of don’t give it much thought, you take it for granted? And then, when you “lose” it, when it’s not around anymore, you miss it deeply?

That’s exactly what happened to us.

My childhood was not the best (I may talk about it later), so I don’t (would rather not) remember what was my favorite food.

This time, now, is much more significant to me. And my mom’s cakes are part of it. Everytime I return home, whether it is for the weekend or when I’m on vacation, she always bakes those delicious cakes for me. They’re simple, yes, totally homemade. But the message they send is magnificent.

“I missed you. I love you. I want to see you happy, I want you to feel you’re home again.”

They often come with hugs, kisses and coffee. Have I mentioned that I love coffee?

Then we sit around the table together and, while we enjoy the taste and smell of chocolate and caffeine, we talk about what we’ve been doing recently, the latest family gossips, or what’s on the news, politics, the changing weather, soap operas and much more.

Well, I said it! “Cake times” are  the best! (Thank you so much for being awesome, mom!)


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