I Stepped Outside Five Months Ago

Hello, everyone!

Today is kind of my anniversary. It’s been five months since I shaved my head! Five months since I “came out” as butch. And I have to tell you what an amazing experience it’s been.

When I started this blog, my main goal was to talk about my country. However, writing unlocked all these emotions I had inside, I felt these immense need to let them out and ended up talking more about myself. And it turned out to be my first official post, in which I talked about my hair, reflecting the unsatisfaction I had with my appearance. I got to the conclusion that I only presented myself that way (long straight hair and feminine look) because I wanted to fit in. And it was making my life miserable.

So, I decided to shave my head, end the “long hair” Era. I thought a lot and, two months later, I did it, even having no idea of what would come next. That triggered my letting my inner butch out, finally.

In these past five months, I began to take care of myself: I became an athlete, I’m on a “diet”(cutting down on a few things). I communicate better with people (both online and offline – something I thought would be hard to do). Why? Because now I feel much more comfortable in my own skin!

So cheers to that!

And I also want to thank all of my readers for following this process!


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