For today’s (or yesterday’s – it’s still Set 29 in Brazil) task, writing 101 asks us to talk about the home where we lived when we were twelve.

Suddenly I’m a few years back, sitting on my bed. I think my brother is asleep… yes, he is. Are mom and dad asleep? Probably. This means I’m all alone. Awake. What time is it? I take my little watch into my little hands and approximate it to my eyes, so I can see. It’s 2am.

And I’m awake.

I don’t know yet, but in a few years forward this insomnia problem will disappear. I look around and it’s dark. I always regret not telling my parents that I am, in fact, afraid of it. Afraid of the night. And my life would be a lot easier now if I weren’t thirsty as hell. What do I do? Do I stay here, sitting, thirsty, waiting for some miracle to happen so I can fall asleep? Do I get all the courage I have, challenge this huge house dark at night when everyone else is asleep and go to the kitchen to drink something?

I choose the second one.

Because we live in the countryside, I can hear all kinds of animals… I know they’re outside, but their noises are really creepy. I leave my room, foot by foot, and enter this long aisle. I know that, if I follow it through, I will get to the living room, though I can’t see it. It’s dark. I walk slowly, trying to ignore all of those sounds… I know I hear my parents’ breath, but it seems ghostly from where I am.

Damn it, I’m scared! What if it’s a ghost? Or an alien? Or a wild animal? I’m screwed!

But then I think, ok, a ghost could easily enter here, as much as the alien, yes, but not a wild animal! The house is closed! I’m getting near the kitchen.

I turn left, get to it. I see some of the machines — the reflect the tiny small amount of light that beats them. I get to the fridge. I open it — thank God there’s light! I take the bottle of water, take a glass, pour it down and drink… oh, it feels awesome!

What is it? A wolf howling? Could it be a ghost? An alien? Oh my God! The bottle goes fast into the fridge, I close it, let the glass on the sink and run! Run like the wind! I get to my room again and, as it’s near my parents’, my mom woke up because of my running.

“Hey, honey, is everything ok?”, she asks.

“Yeah, I just went to the kitchen to drink some water, no big deal”


I hear no more from her. I sit on my bed again. Look at the watch: 2:08. How much time is it gonna take before I fall asleep? “A lot”, I think.


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