Help! Someone cancelled Carnival!

*** Fiction ***

I just cannot believe someone cancelled Carnival. And when I say Carnival, I’m not talking about the huge party that happens around my nation 40 days before easter. I’m talking specificly about the Carnival parades.

‘Cause that’s what Carnival is to me.

Being so much introverted, going out and partying around during this time of the year is unthinkable to me. I’ve tried and I’ve failed and I’ve learnt parties, whether they’re inside a club or out at the streets, are not for me. So, you may think I don’t celebrate Carnival. Well, I do. A lot.

I’ve always loved watching Rio’s Carnival Parade. I plan that all year long, seriously. It is, I believe, the only two nights I spend wake. Seeing the Schools of Samba presenting themselves, majesticly, amazes me since early childhood. Such a precious moment!

And now, I get the news someone cancelled it. Lack of investment, perhaps? Censorship? I don’t know! Someone ruined the whole year to me now! The only way I found to celebrate one of my country’s biggest parties (if not the biggest party) is gone!

So unfair!

I feel lost.

I think I’m gonne hear some samba-enredos to get back on my feet.

(Salgueiro School of Samba, my favorite)

(Check out the links above to get to know a bit more about Brazilian Carnival – they’re wikipedia links)



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