A Letter To My Possible Future Girlfriend


I want to start here apologizing for being so cold. Ok, kind of cold. I want to apologize for talking too much about various subjects without stopping, and maybe not letting you say things yourself. It’s just that… this has never happened to me.

This flirting, dating thing. It’s never happened, I swear. Yeah, I know I may be a little old to say it, but this is the naked truth. I used to be a very complicated person in the past, I’m not going to detail those things right now, but this is… way too new to me.

I get a bit nervous when I’m around you, but I know you freak out when you’re near me. What is this so much special thing you saw in me that makes you feel this way? Is it the way I look? My behavior? I don’t know.

In fact, I have absolutely no idea of why you fell in love with me, as you yourself said it, so fast. I mean, it was really fast… Even though I’m aware of the fact that I have no experience in relationships in general, I’m pretty sure this is the fastest I’ve seen someone fall for another. And this is a bit… how can I put it?… scary to me. I confess I’m little lost.

It’s not that I don’t like you, I do, really do. For real. But it’s just too much for me to hear you say you’ve fallen in love with me… I don’t know… We’ve had only a few dates so far. Things are going nice, at least they were…

Please, don’t think of me as a jerk who doesn’t care about your feelings! I do care! That’s why I’m getting the courage to, the next time I see you, tell you we perhaps should continue to take things slow. See, I’m still learning, I’m still on the first steps. We have time to get to know each other better, to bond. Let’s not rush things, ok?

Well, I’m here wondering if you’ll understand…

Hello, dear readers!

I’ve been away for a few days because I had many tests these past weeks. I’m planning on posting the last texts I wrote for Writing 101 and some posts about  my views on Brazilian politics.

See you soon,



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