Holidays in a Brazilian Household

Holidays are absolutely everywhere, from the huge Christmas tree in the middle of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon to the big Menorah placed in front of Copacabana beach. We love this season just as much as everyone else. What’s different, then?

First of all, the heat.

Summer has just come to us here in the south, even though it’s been hot for some time. There’s no snow during Brazilian Christmas and Hanukkah (to be honest, I have never even seen snow in my life. What’s that like?). It rains sometimes (A LOT), temperature goes up to 35, 40°C (95°F, 104°F).

Second of all, I don’t know about all brazilian families, but among the ones I know very few eat Turkey. We’d rather eat chicken during our Christmas meal. (Oh, and just so you know, I don’t know anyone who celebrates Thanksgiving here).

Well, I’m not familiar with New Year’s celebration in other countries, but I’ll try to describe what it is like here:

Everyone stays up late, we (in my family, but I think others do the same) usually eat around 10pm, 10:30pm a meal that includes rice and beans (our favorite basic food, you’ll find it in every brazilian household), farofa (I LOVE IT), meat (it can be beef or fish or pork), vinagrete etc. Some people like to eat things they think will bring good luck to them, like lentil.

Then, whoever is near the beach usually goes there to see the Firework show (and thank God I don’t spend New Year’s by the beach, ’cause I dislike Fireworks strongly). Copacabana beach’s firework show is one of the most famous around the world, I think.

Oh, and we call New Year’s celebration “Réveillon”, which is not a Portuguese word (and now, thinking about it, I’ve no ideia of why we use it).

So… what is this season like in your country?


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