Three Minutes to Midnight

Well, that’s what Doomsday Clock says, at least. On January 22, we got the news from Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: we’re closer to the end of our civilization. Main reason? Climate Change.

I don’t know about other countries, but here in Brazil we’ve been discussing it for a long time. I remember I used to write a lot about it in High School (I am interested in Environmental Sciences), we would read about climate change all over the news. Our country, a while ago, was really concerned about deforestation and other misuse of resources. We talked and talked and talked, but unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.

I’m not sure what exactly happened, if we just closed our eyes to that as our economy got a bit stronger (the old fashioned and absurd thought that economic growth and environmental care do not work together) or whatever, but the thing is that now we’re facing a bit of “Doomsday”. One of our most abundant resources is lacking: potable water.

Yes, we’re running out of potable water (at least some of our states are). It seems crazy to think that, as Brazil has always been known for its rich, diverse environment that included lots and lots of liters of water. What’s going on? What led to this?

It’s summer here and in January it was always costumary to, and forgive me for using this expression, “rain like crazy”, so it would fill our reservoirs, which’d provide potable water for the rest of the year. But this year, it just isn’t raining. In fact, it’s been the hottest and driest January since 1917.

It is also harming our electric energy production, as usually most of our energy supply comes from hydroelectricity. Now, we’ve been using other (and more expensive) sources to get by, which harms our economy as well.

And this is just the begining, folks.

Time has come we stop denying and start taking environmental care seriously if we want to survive. Nature isn’t kidding and consequences are extremely dangerous to life as we know it.


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