Sorry, I’m about to break your heart

I start out saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but I can’t go on with this. I feel like I’m fooling you, and that’s not good. It’s terrible.

When we met, I had no idea we’d get to this. I was just looking to get to know someone new, to see how things went, slowly natural with time. I didn’t know you’d fall for me so fast and so hard. I couldn’t predict it. It never came into my mind, to be more precise.

But you did.

In my defense, I say I didn’t feed your urge for passion. We spoke, I told you funny jokes, we laughed, we told each other childhood stories. No big deal. I didn’t present myself in a way to seduce you on purpose. I did it as I do with everyone I get to meet, I just tried to be nice, funny. Cool. No seduction or anything intended.

So, when you told me you’d fallen in love, after I thought “Oh, how lovely”, I kind of panicked. I wondered why you felt this way, as we don’t know each other very well, and to be honest, our dates didn’t give me this sign. You asked to be my girlfriend, I panicked even more.

Please, please, before you start hatin’ on me, try to see it through my point of view: out of nowhere, I became almost someone’s world (as you yourself said it), I became “the most pleasurable moments in someone’s life”, I became your teenage dream. It wasn’t something built with time, with my intentional participation. It was delivered to me and I didn’t ask for the pizza. Get it?

I worry because I don’t want to disappoint you. If we had had the time to build a relationship, you’d know my flaws, my fears, my hopes, my dreams. You would be falling in love with Me. The whole me. I’d be certain of your feelings. Of my own feelings as well. But you fell knowing none of these.

Lies on my shoulders the responsibility to keep up with your expectations and I’m sorry but I don’t think I can do it.

Yeah… I think I’m about to break your heart. Oh, I never thought I’d say it, I’d write it. Never pictured the situation in which I let someone down this way. Know that it breaks my own heart as well, I feel bad doing this. However, no other choice comes up to me. No other option that can do good to both of us.

I hope with all my heart that you’ll find someone to love and who’ll love you back. You’re a great person, you deserve it.


Your Ex-Future Girlfriend


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