How to get a country back on track?

How to get a country back on track?

Although I hardly think Brazil was actually on track before, now things are going out of hand, out of what I thought would happen.

2015’s been a hard year for all of us.

Our economy’s in trouble and it’ll probably still be a year from now. Growth disappeared from our landscape and has yet to show signs of return. It could be a lot better, let me tell you, if our politians had a little sense of respect for the country. Important reforms have become Congress battles in which the fight for more power has turned friends in foes, and foes into friends, and no one knows what are opposition and government now. If before we already had a blurred vision of what the ideology of each party was, now we can have no clue. There are no rules anymore.

Meanwhile, the population, without having a safe voice to listen to, suffer from the rising prices and political scandals on a daily basis. There have been protests pro and against the government and pro and against some congress people, all mixed up, everyone talking and no one listening.

The near future is completely unpredicable.

I guess it is part of growing up. We are such a young democracy, and sometimes it gets easy to forget that, that I believe we still have some difficulties in organising our ideas and put them into movement. We still, as people, do not discuss economic policies with mature arguments, or even mention foreign policies, which are incredibly important and oblivious to the common Brazilian person.

It is time to grow up indeed.

However, we could’ve been doing it in an easier, safer way. Too bad.


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